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Partnership Opportunities

The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation recognizes the importance and validity of support groups that assist cancer patients and their networks through the cancer journey and beyond. Support groups are an integral part of treating the ‘whole patient’ and improves outcomes for better treatment and healing.

The goal of funding for the Support Group program is to enhance the quality of life for people with cancer by providing information and support to overcome feelings of aloneness and helplessness.Support groups also help reduce tension, anxiety, fatigue and confusion, enabling them to better deal with their disease.

Funding is available to 501(c)(3) charitable organizations operating within El Paso County, Texas.Faith based organizations are eligible to apply for funding if they provide groups which are open to, welcome, and serve all members of the community regardless of religious belief.

We are seeking to fund existing and new support groups within these parameters:

  • Specific Cancer Type Groups – i.e., breast, prostate, head and neck, etc.
  • Spanish specific support groups
  • Caregiver Support
  • Grief and Loss Support
  • Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Support
  • Young Adult Cancer Support
  • Healing with Words/Art – Therapeutic Writing/Creative Art Support
  • Living with Cancer Support
  • Cancer Survivorship Support

Groups must be organized, have a focus and structure, be measurable and sustainable.Curriculum must be developed and approved by the foundation prior to funding, to include meeting locations, dates and times, target audience.Key objectives, methodology and measure of success must also be included in the proposal.

Funding is limited to $2,500 and may be used for:

  • Honorarium for speakers and presenters
  • Refreshments for the support group
  • Materials/supplies for participants
  • Meeting space associated costs

Groups funded by the Foundation must include “funded by the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation” on all related announcements, promotions, and materials.

To be considered for funding, complete the attached proposal and return via email to


Tools To Use

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