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Gifts, Tributes and Thoughtfulness

Friends of the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation support and supplement our programs and services by making donations to the foundation. Contributions are made to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions. Thoughtful gifts are often made in memory of a loved one or a cancer survivor.

Our warmest thanks to those who support our efforts to reduce the burden of cancer in our local community.

Thank you to our 2015 donors.

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Donor Name(s)In Tribute / Memory of
Troy & Terri WyattIn tribute to Judy O'Connor
Jolisa EspinozaIn Honor of Paula Diaz
Kathryn WhiteIn memory of Arthur Rojas
Magdalena JimenezIn memory of Jose A. Jimenez
George McNenneyIn memory of Joanne McNenney
GECUIn Memory of Bobby Martinez
Derald H. SmithIn Memory of Angelina & Lisa Smith
Susan UlmerIn Memory of Corrine Beaton
Patty TurnerIn Memory of Michael Heaton
Svetlana UlrichIn Memory of Corrine Beaton
George McNenneyIn Memory of Joanne McNenney
Stephanie WarrenIn Memory of Micheal Heaton
Dona DaeubleIn Memory of Corrine Beaton
Patty TiscarenoIn Memory of Mary C. Gonzalez
Carolyn B. MorrisIn Memory of Corrine Beaton
Marion L. MurphyIn Memory of Corrine Beaton
Youn Mi Jaquez
United Way
Patty Tiscareno
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