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Our History

For almost twenty years, the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation has served the needs of the El Paso cancer community through our mission to reduce the burden of cancer in our community.

Founded in 1996 and funded by the sale of the El Paso Cancer Treatment Center, the Foundation supports programs within and outside of our organization which meet the overwhelming needs of the cancer survivor. From the educational resources of The Green House, our cancer resource centers located within the El Paso Public Library system to the Four Seasons Women's Program, the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation serves all The Colors of Cancer.

We are proud to be led by a voluntary board of directors who believe in the mission and dedicate their time, talent and energy to ensuring our ability to maintain and grow these programs and services. Because of their oversight, the investment portfolio from which we garner much of our financial support has allowed the Foundation to contribute over $8 million in programs and services since our inception.

We look forward to the next decade of service to El Paso County. Thank you for visiting our website.

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Our Mission and Our Vision

The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation is dedicated to reducing the human and economic effects of cancer on the citizens of El Paso County through the financial support and development of effective programs for advocacy, education, early detection, and other services to cancer patients and their families.

The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation is the foremost center for enhancing the quality of life for those affected by cancer.

Our Philosophy

  • All area residents are entitled to accurate and accessible information about ways to reduce their risks of developing and dying from cancer.
  • All area residents are entitled to cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, hospice and support services.
  • The human and financial impact of cancer on the people of the region can be reduced by establishing strong, collaborative partnerships at state and local levels.
  • Cooperation among public, private, and volunteer agencies and individuals increases the potential for limited resources to serve more people and minimize duplication of effort.

Community Focus

The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation exists solely for the benefit of the citizens of El Paso County. We are a homegrown organization whose purpose is to aid and assist local cancer patients and other concerned community members in their search for information and support. Our funds remain in the El Paso area to serve El Pasoans.

As leaders in the cancer care community, the Foundation strives to build support and collaboration among the non-profit and cancer providers through convening and sharing of information.

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Our Accountability

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