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  Ted Escobedo   6 min read 5 years ago

Holiday Gift Ideas for Cancer Patients

Gift shopping for the friends and family on your list is challenging. That challenge becomes especially hard when a person is going through a cancer experience. While most of us tend to shy away from anything ‘too personal,’ in many cases, it may be what your loved one needs the most. Listed here are some ideas for patients undergoing cancer treatment and other gift ideas that are meant to uplift and inspire.

Gifts for Cancer Patients undergoing treatment

Not everyone will want a cancer-related gift, but for those who are currently in the midst of treatment, giving them something that is practical and can really help with recovery – but that they wouldn’t buy for themselves – may be exactly what they truly need. Here are a few great ideas:

  • Fishbellies Cold Therapy Pack: Pamper and soothe achy body parts with Fishbellies corn bags. Zap in the microwave and use as a heated neck wrap or to warm up on a cold night. Perfect post-surgery or post workout, for back pain, neck pain, labor pains, arthritis, shoulder pain and sports injuries.
  • LympheDIVAs Arm Sleeve: LympheDivas are compression arm sleeves and gauntlets in beautiful bright colors and fashionable patterns. Each compression arm sleeve is seamlessly knit from moisture wicking fibers to keep your arm dry and comfortable.
  • Survivor Eyes: Designed by a cancer survivor, this product is intended to boost your confidence and enhance your look after experiencing hair loss. The kit includes eyebrow stencils, applicator brush, and instructions to help you find what looks best on your face. It’s not just limited to ladies- they have a product specifically for men’s eyebrows coming out as well. Everyone should look the way they want and feel okay despite hair loss.
  • Chemo Pack for Him or Her: These products were designed to improve the patient experience before, during and after surgery. Chemo Pack for Her includes: an ultra-soft “pashmina” shawl for warmth; an axillapilla comfort pillow to support neck, back or arm during infusion; a headband for hair loss and handkerchief; a ginger candy to ward off nausea and lemon drops for dry mouth; playing cards and word search book; nail file and other toiletries.
  • The Chest Buddy’ Seatbelt Protector: There are a lot of little issues that a patient can never predict – one of them is the pain of a seatbelt when it rests against a port. These seatbelt protectors from The Chest Buddy are designed for relief – simply detach the hook and loop, put around the seatbelt in desired area, and reattach for a relaxed ride.
  • • Cancer Treatment Organizers & Journals: Cancer isn’t in any of our plans. But when it happens, it’s very helpful to have something that lets us start planning for how to get rid of it. Cancer planner products from Ready for Recovery can help. Ready for Recovery cancer planner gift sets help you keep you track of your treatments, doctor’s appointments, and general busy life.These planners help you and your caregiver gain control over cancer and give you the ability to efficiently track your progress and to see just how your emotions, diet, exercise, expenses, medications, and symptoms change across periods. This documentation is also useful for spotting any adverse side effects and their potential causes. The 5-piece gift sets include a convenient carry bag and water bottle to take on doctor appointment and cancer clinic days.

    • Survivor Memoirs: Only other people who have been through it will truly understand what a cancer diagnosis really means. Luckily, there are many survivors who have turned their experiences into honest, humorous and helpful books. From learning how to tell other people about a diagnosis, to deciding what lifestyle changes to make, these authors cover it all. Not only will these books distract your loved one from their treatment, but they will help them realize that they are not alone. Search online for cancer survivor memoirs or head to your local bookseller and see what they have on hand.

    • Audiobooks: Cancer treatment is hard on the eyes, and few people are up for reading a book during treatment. GoodReads has provided a hearty list of The Best Audio Books Ever choose one or two that will uplift your friend or family member during the harder days.

    • Functional & Fashionable Clothing: There are a lot of things about being a cancer patient that can be uncomfortable, and, at times, awkward. Clothing is at the top of that list for many people. Find a shirt or lingerie that’s designed for women with reconstruction, or a t-shirt that’s inspirational, or a bold hat and scarf. Everyone likes something new to wear!

    • Safer Cosmetics: Many cosmetic products are ridden with parabens, phthalates, triclosan and many other dangerous chemicals that cancer fighters should stay away from. Surprise your loved one with healthier alternatives, such as:

  • ZAK Natural Deodorant.Natural deodorant formulas that have no aluminum, parabens, phthalates, artificial preservatives or fragrances.
  • Tarte Cosmetics.Makeup, skincare and beauty products made with high-performance naturals. Cruelty-free and eco-friendly makeup.

  • • Cancer Cookbooks: There are a number of cookbooks written by fellow patients who share tips and tricks for getting through treatment. It is a perfect gift to help them use real food to fight cancer. Filled with great recipes and health tips that are vital for any cancer fighter, survivor or supporter at any stage, it’s a practical gift for all.

    • Pitch-in: Housecleaning, laundry, dog walking, and cooking are all the things that need to be done and are quite hard to do during treatment.Whether you want to roll up your own sleeves and get down to business or hire someone, a clean house where all the chores have been tackled would make anyone feel jolly.

    • Food: It could be homemade treats, a frozen lasagna, supermarket prepared meals or anything from Blue Apron, providing meals is a wonderful gift to give cancer patients.

    • Blankets & Bathrobes: Being comfortable and feeling nurtured is a huge boost to a cancer patient. Find the warmest, most snuggle friendly blanket or throw and bathrobe to help warm their spirits.

    • Spa Gifts: Who doesn’t love a massage, pedicure or facial? Gift baskets with relaxing bath salts and candles are wonderful especially when they include a gift card for some yummy relaxing treatment.

    • Time Together: There is no greater gift than the love and comfort you can provide by simply taking time to spend with your loved one-during the holidays and beyond.

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