The eyes have it

The eyes have it

06 Jul 2015 by Cynthia Navarro - In The Know Magazine issue #34

The eyes can reveal joy and sadness; they can reveal pain and sorrow. They are who we are. Amazingly they can reveal much more. “The eyes are a window of what’s occurring within the body.” This simple yet complex expression is the basis of Iridology. Only when we begin to realize how amazingly our bodies were built and designed, can we truly embrace it’s abilities and healing powers. As a carpenter uses different tools to complete a project, so does an herbalist. Iridology is one of the tools used by a natural healer to determine the condition of each individual’s health. Iridology is the study of the iris and it’s history dates back to the 18th century.

The iris is an extension of the nervous system of brain with the nerves being attached to every area of the body. It has the ability to indicate a problem long before disease systems are present. Our bodies are a system of interrelated parts and organs designed to function as a harmonious whole, much like a computer or car engine. A holistic approach to healing must include the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being of each person. Because no two lives are alike, no two treatments are alike. Iridology is simply an analysis of the whole body system to determine a treatment for the whole person. Every cell listens to all your thoughts, and believes what you believe. For this reason, you must welcome what any holistic approach can do for you before beginning any type of treatment. I have seen many cases where individuals have rejected any type of natural approach to healing without even trying. Are you tired of struggling with your health? I suggest you embrace the miracles of natural healing. Iridology offers hope and a new beginning for your health.


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