Fun Ways to Prevent Cancer Through Exercise

It has been proven that an active lifestyle is one of the best ways to avoid health problems. Yet for many of us, just the thought of a rigorous daily workout is enough to send us head first into the couch. Overcoming that inertia is the first step to implementing a realistic exercise plan. Keeping that plan going depends on how much fun we have while were doing it. Here are 10 fun ways to prevent cancer through exercise.

  • Cycling – Do you remember jumping on your bike as a kid? Maybe you no longer have the banana seat and handlebar tassels but you can still trick out your two-wheeled ride and let the breeze flow through your hair. Riding a bike is one of the basic ways to keep cells and tissues active and functional. Apart from toning your body and burning fats, it also helps in better circulation of blood and oxygen. It will also ensure proper coordination between various body organs.
  • Gardening – Birds do it, bees do it, what can be more fun than spending time among the flowers and cultivating your own garden? Gardening not only gives you a chance to carry out moderate exercise but also gives you an opportunity to breath fresh air. This ensures proper pattern of inhaling and exhaling and keeps you away from several breathing disorders of cancerous and non-cancerous kind.
  • Dancing – 5,6,7,8! Gotta Dance! Letting the music flow through your body and move your feet helps in improving flexibility in body movements. It’s also great for burning fats, and improving the breathing process. But perhaps best of all, it can send your spirits soaring.
  • Yoga – It is probably the oldest known form of exercise to relax and maintain proper blood and oxygen flow throughout the body. You will really enjoy the activity once you learn a few basic yoga. The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation offers free Yoga classes for all levels. Call us at 915-562-7660 for more information.
  • Play with your Kids – You will thoroughly enjoy playing with your kids if you remember that it can also keep you fit and healthy. Playing games like ‘red rover,’ ‘musical chairs’ or ‘hide and seek’ can offer moderate exercise and loads of laughs.
  • Have Pets – Having pets is great in several different ways. Apart from entertaining you and loving you unconditionally, they can give you a reason for easy moderate exercises daily. Playing with them or taking them for a walk will give you a chance to enjoy fresh air and relax mentally as well as physically.
  • Have Hobbies – Having hobbies like trekking, playing indoor or outdoor games, swimming, acting, body-building, traveling, or any other activities that require good amount of physical movements can help your body tissues to work efficiently and help to prevent a number of illnesses.


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