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Reduce your waistline and cancer risk

4 min read

More than two dozen studies have shown that women who exercise have a 30 percent to 40 percent lower risk of breast cancer than their sedentary peers. The female hormone estrogen s...


'Fit to Fight' Fitness program designed for patients undergoing treatment

1 min read

If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer or are undergoing treatment, it's important to take special care of yourself. Studies show that one of the best ways to do this is to stay...


Cervical Cancer Awareness

2 min read

Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide. But in the United States and other countries where cervical cancer screening is routine, this cancer is not...


Foods help in the fight against cancer

2 min read

Some foods help boost your body’s resistance to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the leading culprit in cervical cancer. Eating healthy is no doubt essential for good health, but ac...


Cervical Cancer Awareness and Screening

4 min read

Each year, approximately 12,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with cervical cancer, even though it is one of the most preventable of cancers. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness...


in the KITCHEN

3 min read

Farro and Bean Soup This is a thick, hearty Tuscan-inspired potage with farro and beans. Red, kidney, pinto or borlotti beans (or a blend) most resemble the beans used in Tuscany...


The Colors of Cancer – Good Grief

5 min read

During his short stint in the United States Army Air Corps, PFC Ralph Tiscareño earned a certificate of completion in accomplishment and mastery of the harmonica. Well, maybe not master...


Grief and the most ‘Wonderful’ time of the year

4 min read

Ready or not, here come the holidays. Under normal circumstances, preparing for the holidays can be stressful.We incorporate shopping, wrapping, cooking, decorating and entertai...



1 min read

Finding time to cook an 'everyday' meal during the holidays can be challenging. Try this quick, easy and healthy dinner idea!


The Cancer patients holiday survival guide

7 min read

The holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. Between shopping for gifts, decorating your home, baking Christmas goodies and entertaining guests, it is hard to find t...


Resolve to reduce your risk of cancer in 2016

4 min read

As we so often do at the start of a new year, everyone is rushing to make resolutions. But in addition to promising to get organized or financially sound, why not focus on what really m...


Creative ways to think outside of the (gift) box!

6 min read

It’s always better to give than to receive. With a little effort, you can fill someone else’s holidays with love and beauty by sharing the most priceless gift of all—your time. After all...


‘Tis the Season of many colors

1 min read

The holidays provide a feast for all our senses. Since there is no specific cancer associated with the month of December, we would like to offer you ideas and inspiration to help you or ...


The Colors of Cancer (November) - Honoring Caregivers

5 min read

If you are as a child of the 1950s like I am, you might be unaware that we Boomers owe a debt of gratitude to Lunsford Richardson. Although I never knew him, it is because of him I enjoy...


Great American Smoke Out – Kick Some Butt This Year!

1 min read

Get ready to lose the habit, and become victorious over tobacco. The American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout event is your chance to triumph over addiction. Every November,...


November is White: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

1 min read

Did you know that lung cancer is the number one cancer killer? It kills more than breast, colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancers combined. Did you know that 1 out of 5 people wi...


What Causes Pancreatic Cancer?

4 min read

While it is virtually impossible to tell what caused a specific person to develop pancreatic cancer, there are some important principles of cancer biology that can help us understa...


Screening for Pancreatic Cancer

3 min read

Cancer screening exams are important medical tests done when you’re at risk but don’t have symptoms. They help find cancer at its earliest stage, when the chances for successful tr...


November is Purple: Pancreatic Awareness Month

1 min read

Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most challenging diseases physicians face today because it responds poorly to treatment and quickly spreads to surrounding organs. This is why November is...


Limiting your risks for Pancreatic Cancer

1 min read

The number one way to prevent pancreatic cancer is to stop smoking. Other lifestyle choices may lower your chances of getting pancreatic cancer, including: Eating a healthy d...


FDA Approves new drug for Pancreatic Cancer

4 min read

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved Onivyde (irinotecan liposome injection), in combination with fluorouracil and leucovorin, to treat patients with advanced ...


Detox Purple Smoothies

1 min read

Looking for a boost to your immune system? Try this Purple Smoothies for a delicious treat that packs plenty of nutrition! Get blending.... Ingredients ½ cup raspberries ½ cu...


Talking to your family about cancer during the holidays

8 min read

Cancer patients often are hesitant to talk to family members and family members about their cancer experience during the holidays.Facing this awkward social situation may help the patien...


Taking matters into your own hands. The importance of a regular self breast exam

3 min read

Breast self-exam (BSE), or regularly examining your breasts on your own, can be an important way to detect breast cancer early, when it's more likely to be treated successfully. Not ever...

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