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Ways To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

2 min read

Breast cancer cannot be completely prevented, but there are steps women can take to decrease their risk and/or improve early detection of the disease.


How to perform a BSE

2 min read

Meet ‘Mammoo’ our divine bovine who reminds women of all ages to to perform a regular self breast exam. Here are her BSE Tips: Check your breasts monthly. Breast cancer is the most co...


Zinc test for early breast cancer looks promising

4 min read

A new study suggests it may be possible to detect the early signs of breast cancer with a test that measures changes in zinc isotopes. The study is the first to show that measurable c...


Drink Pink – Here’s to your health!

1 min read

Strawberry-Rhubarb-Banana Smoothie Blend low-fat yogurt, Strawberry-Rhubarb jam, frozen berries, and bananas to make this simple breakfast smoothie. Yield: Makes 4 cups for the ...


The Colors of Cancer - Pink | El Paso Times Article Oct. 2015

3 min read

Ah, October, resplendent with the presence of chrysanthemums, the outing of the comforter throws and the impending promise of winter. It seems a bit contradictory that, in the color s...



1 min read

In partnership with Spectrum Fitness, 1700 Cliff Drive, in El Paso, Texas, CanXercise is a specially designed program for cancer patients with compromised immunity. Designed by medical p...


October is Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1 min read

October brings to mind many colors: the warm earth tones of autumn, the black and orange of Halloween décor, and even the colors of our favorite football teams but the one color that...


Lifestyle Choices Best Way To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

5 min read

We have all seen the troubling statistics that report one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime.But what is it that causes one woman to develop breast cancer and ...


Making sense of complementary and alternative methods

3 min read

Complementary and alternative are terms used to describe many kinds of products, practices, and systems that are not part of mainstream medicine. You may hear them used to refer to metho...


The eyes have it

2 min read

The eyes can reveal joy and sadness; they can reveal pain and sorrow. They are who we are. Amazingly they can reveal much more. “The eyes are a window of what’s occurring within the body...


Music to your ears

3 min read

Whether it’s a jazzy number by Miles Davis or a calming Beethoven Sonata, the humming of a tune on your way to work, or the strumming of a guitar, music is often an escape igniting emoti...


Taste the tea

6 min read

It has inspired composers, writers and revolutionaries. It was a staple of trade in the 17th century and was originally available only to the elite and well to do. Its history is ancient...


Reach out and touch

3 min read

A frenetic and busy life often leaves its mark upon the body that carries out the everyday hustle and bustle. Muscles, tendons and body chemistry endure so much of the wear, the worry an...


Put your best foot forward

3 min read

Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or ears. Reflexologists believe that these areas and reflex points correspond to d...


Green is the Color of Cancer Prevention Month - February

4 min read

Created in 1944, the Smokey Bear Wildfire prevention campaign is the longest running public service campaign in U.S. History. The original catch phrase from the iconic bear was ‘care wi...


The Colors of Cancer for January is Teal / White - Cervical Cancer Awareness

4 min read

Welcome to January, the month famous for the last vestiges of holiday cheer. "Happy New Year" we proclaim, with the hopeful caveat that it will be prosperous and healthy. Valid wishes, ...


The Colors of Cancer - December 2014

5 min read

Wanted: Compassionate individual with ability to multi-task as a CEO, chef and nutritional counselor, housekeeper, medical advisor, personal assistant, driver, secretary and other dut...


The Colors of Cancer - November (Gray) Lung Cancer Awareness

6 min read

It was Christmas morning 1953 in Long Beach at the Tiscareño household. Our parents had recently relocated to California where dad, just released from his stint in the Army Air Corps, t...


PATS Program Receives Grant

2 min read

The Patient Assistance Transportation Program at The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation is the proud recipient of an $1,800.00 grant to provide transportation to cancer patients who must trave...


The Colors of Cancer - October

4 min read

I have one pink blouse. Not just your standard tea-rose pink, but a shade closer to Pepto Bismol pink. In fact, when I wear it, I’m faintly aware that people may think I am being treated...


The Color of Cancer - September

5 min read

“Have you forgotten to take your thyroid pill today?” is a query that Andre utters when (1) I’m unusually short-tempered or snippy, (2) lacking my normal vigor, or (3) keeping the thermo...


2014 Keep on Dancing Cancer Survivorship Conference

2 min read

Our Thanks to all our sponsors, donors and volunteers to make the 2014 Keep on Dancing Conference a grand success. Our Major Sponsors In-Kind Support Texas Oncology PA The El Pa...


Vanity can be a weapon against ovarian cancer

5 min read

While vanity doesn't carry enough weight to make an appearance on the seven deadly sins list, it does, nonetheless, evoke an image of a less than desirable trait. Let's face it; no one w...

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