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Spice Up Your Water to Referesh and Prevent!

11 Jul 2016 by Ted Escobedo

For many, water is not the drink you turn to with your meals or to quench you thirst. But there are many reasons to choose water. It's cost-free (for many), calorie-free and a great replacement for sugary drinks that can lead to weight gain - and increased cancer risk.

There are plenty of ways to spice it up. Here are a few ideas to makeover your water into a vibrant, flavor-filled drink.


Muddle It

Muddling is a technique bartenders use to help release the flavor of drink components, usually fruits, herbs and spices. Muddling is similar to using a mortar and pestle in cooking. It's great for bringing out the flavor in something without the use of heat.

For a fun spin on your water, try Muddled Mojito Water.

Muddled Mojito Water
1/2 lime (cut into 2 pieces)
2 sprigs of mint (to your taste), reserve one for garnish
2-4 cups unsweetened black cherry sparkling water, or unflavored, if preferred

  • In bottom of pitcher, place lime pieces and 1 sprig mint.
    • Using a muddler or back of any spoon, smash the lime and mint together to release the lime juice and oils from the mint.
    •Add 2-4 cups sparkling water (amount depends on how strong you want the flavor to be) and stir.
    • Pour flavored water over ice, garnish with a mint sprig and serve.

  • Watermelon Ginger Spritzer

    Sparkling water is the perfect solution if you don’t like water and prefer the carbonation of soda. There are many varieties and flavors, and it's still zero calories. Just be sure to pay attention when choosing. Some sparkling water beverages contain sugar – not necessary if you’re creating your own flavors.

    Instead of greeting your guests with alcohol at your next dinner party, start with a sparkling water spritzer. You could even set out ingredients for your guests to create their own.

    4 cubes (1 1/2-inches) of watermelon
    1 piece ginger (1/2-inch), peeled and sliced
    1-2 cups sparkling water

  • In large glass place watermelon and ginger slices.
    •Add sparkling water.
  • Drink immediately or let sit for a few minutes to overnight to allow flavors to intensify.

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