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Prevention takes center stage this month

February Is National Cancer Prevention Month. As part of our cancer awareness and prevention efforts, the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation emphasizes that up to one-third of the most common ...


Eating to Prevent Colorectal Cancer

Proper nutrition and diet are important in helping to prevent many diseases and colorectal cancer is no exception. In the fight against this disease, nutritional guidelines include eatin...


How does diet affect the health of the gallbladder?

February is Gall Bladder Cancer Awareness Month and a great time to make sure your diet is Gall Bladder Friendly. Your diet can directly affect the health of your gallbladder due to t...


Resolve to fight off cancer in 2018

January is the time of year to focus our energy on keeping our new year’s resolutions. And while the holidays are behind us, we can still eat, drink and be merry with these tips to help ...


7 Summer Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

Many people do not realize that skin cancer is the most common of all types of cancer. Each year in the U.S., the American Cancer Society (


Spice Up Your Water to Referesh and Prevent!

For many, water is not the drink you turn to with your meals or to quench you thirst. But there are many reasons to choose water. It's cost-free (for many), calorie-free and a great repl...


Adopt an Anti-Cancer Diet

An anti-cancer diet is one that is as close to nature as possible, without additives and undue processing. Eat 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables daily, unless you have ...


Supplements help during and after cancer treatment

The complicated relationship between immune system functioning and cancer is often misunderstood, according to Tim Birdsall, ND, the vice president of integrative medicine at Cancer Trea...


Fun in the Sun: Here are tips and tricks to keep you going throughout the summer

Protect Your Skin The American Cancer Society cites skin cancer as the most common of all cancers with 3.5 million cases diagnosed in the United States each year. Sunlight is the caus...


'Spring clean' your recipes with healthy food substitutions

Eating healthy is important during and after cancer treatment. It’s also critical to a healthy lifestyle overall. The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends eating a plant-bas...


Springtime Recipe packs flavor and nutrition

Charred Asparagus Tacos With Creamy Adobo and Pickled Red Onions Meaty tacos are great, but who doesn't love charred sweet asparagus in the springtime? Cook the asparagus in olive oil...


Eating for a healthy colon

Just as diet can have a positive or negative impact on heart, brain and bone health, your colon's overall health can be affected by what you eat. The colon is a crucial part of the di...


Pillow Fight! Sleep can be your way to put cancer risks to bed

You often hear of the many benefits of a good night’s sleep. It is a time when the body repairs itself and recuperates from the wear and tear of the day. But take heed, studies show that...


Foods help in the fight against cancer

Some foods help boost your body’s resistance to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), the leading culprit in cervical cancer. Eating healthy is no doubt essential for good health, but ac...


Resolve to reduce your risk of cancer in 2016

As we so often do at the start of a new year, everyone is rushing to make resolutions. But in addition to promising to get organized or financially sound, why not focus on what really m...


Limiting your risks for Pancreatic Cancer

The number one way to prevent pancreatic cancer is to stop smoking. Other lifestyle choices may lower your chances of getting pancreatic cancer, including: Eating a healthy d...

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